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Love SMS in English - Love Messages 140 Characters

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Love SMS in English - Love You SMS 

May Everything Happy And Everything Bright Be Yours
On Your Birthday From Morning Till Night.
And Then Through The Year May The Same Thing Hold True So
That Each Day Is Filled With Life’s Best Things For You!

A Candle May Melt And Fire May Die
But The Love You Have Given Me
Will Always Stay As A Flame In My Heart

I Love Three Things:
The Sun,
The Moon
And You,
The Sun For The Day,
The Moon For The Night
And You Forever.

I Would Give Up Happines
To Never See You Sad,
I Would Give Up Eternity
To Be With You Always,
I Would Give Up My Life
So That Yours Would Be New…
I’d Give Up Everything…
Except U…

What I Feel For You,
Is Really True.
You Got To Know,
I Need You So.
When You Are Gone,
I Can’t Go On.
Can’t You See,
That You Are The Only One For Me?

You Can Fall From A Bridge,
You Can Fall From Above,
But The Best Way Of Falling,
Is Falling In Love!

True Luv Is Hard 2 Find.
Special 1-1 Of A Kind.
But The Luv Inside Of Me Is True.
It Appeared The Day I Met You!

How Can U Tell The Rain Not 2 Fall Wen Clouds Exist?
How Can U Tell The Leaves Not 2 Fall Wen The Wind Exists?
How Can U Tell Me Not 2 Fall In Love Wen U Exist?

Love Is Like A Golden Chain That
Links Our Hearts Together And
If You Ever Break That
Chain Youll Break My Heart 4ever!

Maharana Pratap Jayanti SMS - Pratap Jayanti 2015 Messages

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475th Maharana Pratap's Birth Anniversary is on 21st May, 2015(Thursday)

In India, Maharana Pratap was Hindu Rajput king of Mevad in Rajasthan State. Maharana Pratap is very famous for his COurage and Bravery

Rajputs are the real heroes of our indian history. Let’s celebrate one of them today

Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti

Kabhi jhukate nahi sar apna ,
katate hai ya kat jate hai….
rajput blood is a blood
Happy maharana pratap jayanti

Utthi 1mewari Talwar….
Aayo mewari sardaar….
Rana jhumta he aajyo jiiiiii :)

Mewar Gourav Rana pratap ki jayanti ki sabhi theekanay daro ko hardik Shubhkamnay
its TRIBUTE to the Great King “MAHARANA PRATAP” on his Birth Anniversary..

Jung Khaai Talwaar Sey Yudh Nhi Ladey Jaate
Langdey Ghode Pey Daav Nhi Lagaaye Jaate
Yun Lakho Veer Hotey Hein Par Sabh MAHARANA PRATAP SINGH Nhi Hotey
Khubsoorat Har Ladki Hoti H Par Sab Rani “PADMINI” Nhi Hoti,
Dharti Par Poot Tho Sabhi Hotey Hein Par Sbhi
“RAJPUT” Nhi Hotey Hain.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Vacation SMS Quotes - Have a Happy Vacation SMS Lines

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Vacation Enjoy SMS - Summer Vacation Quotes/Msg Collection

vacation Trip Is The Happiest Moment Because It's The Relax Time To Enjoy The Life With Their Families We Send A vacation sms Or vacation Quotes To Wish Them .

I hope you have a nice vacation. It is time to relax and forget all tension in your employment. Have excellent vacations.

I want you to have a time of relaxation. Get out for a trip with your family, have fun with your friends. Do what the rest of the year you cannot. Happy vacations.

The best time of the year arrived. Have a beautiful vacation with all your family, congratulations.

It is good you can finally go on vacation, you’ve worked hard all the time, so you deserve to have a fun time. Enjoy your vacations!

I Like this quote I dislike this quote“Nothing is impossible. With the right attitude, you can do anything you want. It's all about choosing to be positive instead of being negative about things. Like I can look at "not working" as being "no one's hiring me and no one will give me a job." Or I can look at "not working" as being "a fantastic vacation."”

Birthday Wishes in 140 characters - Happy Birthday SMS Collection

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Happy BirthDay Wishes - Latest Collection of Birthday Quotes 

I Can’t Believe
I’m Progressing To Miss
My Best Friend’s Best Day Of The Year.
Sorry I Won’t Be Here However I Want
You A Really Happy Birthday Earlier.

Wishing The Most Exciting,
The Most Fascinating And The
Most Arresting Birthday Ever
To The Most Overwhelming,
Unstoppable And Inspiring Person.

Whose Birthday Is Today?
It Belongs To A Special Person
Who Is Reading This Message
Sent With Beautiful Wishes
From Someone
Who Has Been Blessed By
His Friendship And Good Personality.
Happy Birthday……………!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish You Have Every Day,
Centuries Filled With Joy And Happiness
Happy Birthday

Let The God Decorate Each Golden Ray Of The Sun
Reaching You With Wishes Of Success,
Happiness And Prosperity For You
Wish You A Super Duper Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday SMS Wishes in English - English Born sms

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Happy Janmdivas SMS Wishes in English - English Birthday Poem

May Everything Happy And Everything Bright Be Yours
On Your Birthday From Morning Till Night.
And Then Through The Year May The Same Thing Hold True So
That Each Day Is Filled With Life’s Best Things For You!


As We Observe Your Birthday Now,
Your Cake And Gifts Don’t Matter Much.
These Common Things Aren’t Really You,
Ribbons, Paper Hats And Such.
We Celebrate A Person
Who Brings Happiness To Everyone,
Someone Who Gives More Than She Gets,
And Fills Our Lives With Joy And Fun.
So Happy Birthday, And Many More!
We Hope You Make It To A Hundred And Two,
Because We Cannot Even Dream
What Life Would Be Like Without You.

Sweetheart! U R So Beautiful,
My Love 4u Will Always B True,
Here’s A Wish 4 My Darling…
May All Your Dreams Come True
I Wish U A Very Happy Birthday.
With Lots Of Love And Kisses…
From A Heart That Beats…
Just 4 You.

B4 1 Day,
B4 2 Night,
B4 2 Sunsets,
B4 Msg Charges High,
B4 Network Jam,
B4 Someone Wishes U,
I Wishe U In Advance
A Very Happy Birthday
God Bless U…..!!!!
Wish You A Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day.
May God Bless You With Health,
Wealth And Prosperity In Your Life
Happy Birthday To You

Happiness As Light As Air.
Love As Deep As Ocean.
Friends As Solid As Diamonds And
Success As Bright As Gold.
These R My Wishes 4 U Today N Everyday.
Happy Birthday… :) 
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